L2vpn pseudowire redundancy for l2tpv3 rfc

l2vpn pseudowire redundancy for l2tpv3 rfc

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You must specify the encapsulation Specifies how long the primary wait to take over after the primary pseudowire VC goes. The use of the word keywordthe primary pseudowire Tool and the release notes.

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If the configuration is correct, then a targeted LDP adjacency will be formed between the PEs and the pseudowire will come up unless the PEs do not agree on some parameters. The following is sample output from the show mpls l2transport vc command. Configure MPLS. To avoid this situation, one of the T-PEs must start the pseudowire signaling active role , while the other waits to receive the LDP label mapping before sending the respective pseudowire LDP label mapping message passive role. The show mpls static-lsp command has been extended to show the LSP state as 'InProgress' whenever the LSP is waiting for protocol next-hop resolution by resolver.