Sentinel license manager vpn

sentinel license manager vpn

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The customer can configure the more than one License Manager. A machine on which a protected application execute s. This can be done by configuration, you must also configure remote machines can access the local Sentinel License Manager to.

access through vpn

Sentinel - Pioneering data privacy and security with a decentralized VPN network
Hello All,. I need to know which port the service of license manager is using. The reason is that I need validate my QTP license outside my. Does anyone here have any experience or suggestions on the Sentinel Licensing Server and running over AnyConnect VPN? This is a VMWare virtual server. CSi products can utilize network licenses using Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Download the Configuration Guide for setting up "Safenet Cisco AnnyConnect.
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In order to connect to a HASP network dongle red from an external network it is necessary to provide the IP address of the computer where the dongle is plugged in on every remote workstation. This will not consume a license. Compatibility The License Managers may exist on different platforms than the clients running the licensed application. Starting RMS 9.