Ng mvpn route types of cats

ng mvpn route types of cats

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EVPN Deep Dive - All EVPN Route Types explained by Orhan Ergun and Toni Pasanen
Description. This white paper describes internal policies created by the routing system (routing protocols daemon) in order to support. 5) Management models: The WG will work on YANG models to manage BIER. 6) Link-State Routing and BGP extensions: The BIER-WG has already defined the basic. Spirent TestCenter:Support for NG MVPN base don RFC / using BGP for Spirent TestCenter: How can I configure Inclusive Multicas Route (IMR) a.k.a Type.
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Categories: Announcement Tags: Announcement , Networking community. Parameters de-value Specifies that this value is to be used for all the packets of this forwarding class regardless of their profile status. What requirements does different applications have? Values multicast group address ipv4, ipv6 ip-address Debugs information associated with the specified data exception. Hopefully Cisco makes these available in some form in the future.